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February 18- March 2, 2024
Dubai Duty Free tennis stadium
February 18- March 2, 2024
Dubai Duty Free tennis stadium
February 19, 2016

Sara Errani – Press Conference

2016 Women's Singles Semifinals: S. ERRANI/E. Svitolina 6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Obviously mixed results today, but you must be pleased that you are in another final here.

SARA ERRANI: Well, at the moment very angry for the doubles, but of course, yes, to be in the final in singles is really special and amazing for me.


Q. You are consistent and terrifically fit. Do you do special training?

SARA ERRANI: Fit? I’m tired, but I know how to play when you’re tired. I just try to fight.

I don’t think I’m really fit. I think there are other persons that are maybe much better than me physically, but I think I just try to fight, to stay on the court – I don’t know how to say in English – suffer on the court and still keep going, stay there even if I’m dead.


Q. You don’t do any extra training to run down every ball? You cover a lot of miles.

SARA ERRANI: Well, of course I practice. I practice tennis, I practice physical. Of course I try to practice a lot because I know that I’m not really tall, so I have to be ready to run a lot. But if you see me running elsewhere you don’t think I’m really fit.


Q. Perhaps the start of the year had a bit of mixed results for you, so first of all, like what did you do after Australia? And now that you’re here in the final, are you doing anything differently?

SARA ERRANI: No, no, no. After Australia — Australia was bad match. I was like winning. I was up and was many chance to win. And I lost strange match. And then I just practice going to Fed Cup and then nothing special.


Q. Your first WTA final now since Rome 2014. What are your expectations this year?

SARA ERRANI: Well, last year I won Rio the same week than now, so maybe this week I’m playing good. Of course really happy to be in the final again.


Q. You played the doubles and singles final seven times in your career and I think won three times.



Q. The singles and doubles in the same tournament seven times, right?

SARA ERRANI: I don’t know. I don’t know.


Q. What does it take to be so successful in both?

SARA ERRANI: I don’t know. You play, and of course if you win you try to win more.


Q. One of the biggest issues about the doubles, they are always criticizing they can clash with the singles if you play both. There are some strong critics in the field. What do you think about the doubles? Some people have even suggested to remove the doubles. You are obviously a strong advocate on the doubles. You have built your career on the doubles.

SARA ERRANI: I think the doubles is really fun. I love watching also doubles matches, so I think it’s part of the game. There are people that is only playing doubles, and there is people that only play singles, and somebody play both.

So of course physically can be tough, but I have the idea that if I start playing the double and never think to choose to not play because I’m still in singles. If I decide to play I play 100% both. I don’t care if I have to play single final tomorrow and I stay two hours on court for doubles. For me it’s like that. I don’t ever think maybe I don’t play.

No, if I start play, I play. There is somebody that don’t have this idea, but for me I love double and have fun on it. I think it’s good.


Q. Your second time in the final here in four years. You obviously like playing here. Is it because of the conditions?

SARA ERRANI: Yes, of course. I think the condition of the court is good for me. The ball bounce a lot. This is important for my game.

Of course you go another place where the court is much faster and the ball doesn’t bounce too much, I have more difficult.

But here I try to do the right things, to play my game, and of course if I play with spin here it’s good.


Q. You mentioned the doubles match earlier and you’re not too happy about it. Where did it go wrong for you?

SARA ERRANI: I don’t know. It’s crazy match. Sometimes you have no explanation. You have many chance.

We have five match ball, and everything happen. So maybe sometimes you just don’t have to win the match and can happen whatever thing in the world.


Q. What do you guys tell each other when something like this happens to you? You get off court. You’re good friends with Carla. What do you tell each other?

SARA ERRANI: Nothing. Just do like this [patting hand on shoulder]. Keep going.


Q. If it’s Strycova, you have a terrific record against her. How do you view the match?

SARA ERRANI: She’s winning? I don’t know this.


Q. She’s winning at the moment.

SARA ERRANI: Yeah, she’s a tough player. She maybe similar me. She can play good here. She has a great volley. Sometimes she’s aggressive coming to the net.

She serve good, much better than years ago, and is really tough player. She stay there all the point of the match, so tough.


Q. What if Caroline Garcia?

SARA ERRANI: Caroline, I lost with her last week. I think she’s amazing player, very complete, every shot a lot of power. She serve forehand, backhand. Everything she do good. She move good. Really good player.

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