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February 19- March 4, 2023
Dubai Duty Free tennis stadium
February 19- March 4, 2023
Dubai Duty Free tennis stadium
February 23, 2019

Hsieh Su-Wei, Barbora Strycova – Press Conference

2019 Women's Doubles Finals: HSIEH-STRYCOVA/Hradecka-Makarova 6-4, 6-4
Photo of Hsieh Su-Wei and Barbora Strycova

THE MODERATOR: Questions for our champions,please.

Q. What happened, if you can explain?

BARBORA STRYCOVA: What do you mean?


Q. Thoughts on the match.


I think we were playing really, really good, high level,
especially second set when we were leading 4-1. Until 4-1, 40-Love, we didn’t kind of miss any ball. We had the chemistry on court. We know exactly what to do.

Yeah, this game I had easy volley there to finish it to 5-1. Didn’t make it. Su was at the net when it was 4-All, I was serving, and she helped me there three times. That helped us a lot to have the confidence again.


Q. How special is this partnership? Do you think of going through the whole season, Grand Slams?

HSIEH SU-WEI: Don’t leave me!

BARBORA STRYCOVA: So I won’t leave her (laughter). Looks like a very good way. You can talk also (to Su-Wei).

HSIEH SU-WEI: I’m happy to play together. We always enjoy. I mean, last week was tough, but I was very positive. I don’t really worry about it. We try really hard this week to improve little bit than last week. We do better and better.
It is very good combination what we do. We covering. We are running everywhere. Was pretty fun. Always fight. Partner always fighting with you.

BARBORA STRYCOVA: Not with her, but on court (laughter).


Q. What is the one quality between the two of you that keeps you going?

BARBORA STRYCOVA: Well, Su is unbelievable at the net. I mean, not just at the net. She is so good. I mean, she has the magic hands. Sometimes I can finish it pretty easy at the net, and she can prepare me the balls and the rally.

She knows exactly where she’s playing. She says it, she goes for it. I know it’s going to be there. I think that’s why she’s playing also very good singles. You can see the big hitters has problems to play against her because she’s everywhere.


Q. Barbora, when you say you kind of knew where each other were going to be on the court, Hsieh Su-Wei, you play an unpredictable game, as well as you, Barbora, how is it that you know where each other is going to be on the court and what you’re going to do?

BARBORA STRYCOVA: That’s a good question.


Q. Thank you.

BARBORA STRYCOVA: But we kind of just know it. Yeah, we are players that don’t have so much power, but we can win balls different way. I kind of know when it comes. I know her pretty long. We know each other since juniors. I know how she’s playing. She knows how I’m playing. It just suit us, the game.

The most important, we really have fun on court, right?

HSIEH SU-WEI: (Nodding head.)


Q. You’ve known each other since juniors. How different is she now compared to when you were juniors?

HSIEH SU-WEI: Always look same.

BARBORA STRYCOVA: That’s good (laughter). 15 years older, I’m looking same.

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