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February 19- March 4, 2023
Dubai Duty Free tennis stadium
February 19- March 4, 2023
Dubai Duty Free tennis stadium
February 21, 2019

Hsieh Su-Wei – Press Conference

2019 Women's Singles Quarterfinals: HSIEH SU-WEI/K. Pliskova 6-4, 1-6, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Tell us what you think about that.

HSIEH SU-WEI: Which one? Which part (smiling)?

Q. How did you come back from 1-5?

HSIEH SU-WEI: You know, she serve really big. She make almost ace every game. It was not easy to come back. I say myself, I say, Okay, if she not ace me, I hit ball, hit so much harder than before, then she cannot hit winner. I have chance to win little bit more games, then the score don’t look too bad.

Q. Your first semifinal at this level. How big is it for you?

HSIEH SU-WEI: I was not thinking about this because whole match I was thinking, She serving so big. I need to try to do something a little bit on my return. First set I winning 6-4, but still pretty difficult for me to return on her serve. I didn’t think any other stuff. I think I need to survive on the return.

Q. Did you sense she was getting tired in the third set? Did that keep you motivated?

HSIEH SU-WEI: Sometimes she’s like this, she look like this, but I was not sure. I was thinking, Okay…
I just remember what my coach say: be positive and aggressive.

Q. How much did the match against Osaka in the Australian Open, when you had that really good start, you said you got nervous, it got foggy, how much did you learn from that match and apply to today?

HSIEH SU-WEI: Next time if I leading, I going to go in, hit all the winners. Even I make a mistake, I don’t care.

Q. Is that where the aggressive mentality came in in the third set, you had to push a little bit more?

HSIEH SU-WEI: Yeah, because second set was slowing down a little bit, so it’s not a good sign. My coach, finally he come out, he told me something. I still make some mistake, but I’m glad that I’m keep trying, keep trying, keep trying. Finally it works, so I survive.

Q. What does this win mean to you?

HSIEH SU-WEI: I have — I cannot think.

Q. Do you have any thoughts on the next match?

HSIEH SU-WEI: They haven’t play yet, so I will send my spy to watch my match.

Q. Who is your coach?

HSIEH SU-WEI: My brother and my boyfriend are both helping me. My brother normally he come very European season. Last year he helping me more after Wimbledon. He start to travel with me for US Open circuit, the Asian circuit. This year he went to Australia, all the tournaments. I try to get the Su-Wei team right now.

Q. Is it tricky to have two coaches, one your brother and one your boyfriend?

HSIEH SU-WEI: No. When you work with family, that’s something very naughty. Like, I don’t really listen to my brother. But I tell my boyfriend, Maybe you guys talk, he tell you something, you tell me after. With the family, it’s hard to work together.
Sometimes I talk to my sister. If she don’t want to listen she say, Whatever. Then she play whatever she want. This is a little bit what happen in the family.

Q. You lifted your arms up when you broke for 5-3. How important was that game for you?


Q. When you broke at 5-2 for 5-3, when she was serving for the match.

HSIEH SU-WEI: She served two times for the match.

Q. The first time.

HSIEH SU-WEI: Both are very important. I cannot remember everything because I was trying to get the ball into the court as aggressive as I can.
I think the last game is more tough for me because I’m leading, I’m leading, and I got put the ball in good spot. She going to smash at me. I was a little bit like, you know… I’m happy I finish the match.

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