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February 19- March 4, 2023
Dubai Duty Free tennis stadium
February 19- March 4, 2023
Dubai Duty Free tennis stadium
February 23, 2019

Petra Kvitova – Press Conference

2019 Woman's Singles Final: B. BENCIC/P. Kvitova 6-3, 1-6, 6-2
Photo of Petra Kvitova

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What are your thoughts on that?

PETRA KVITOVA: Well, not the best right now, for sure. But will be fine soon.


Q. You were playing so well in the second set. Some explosive hitting. Just felt like you were going to carry everything forward into the third set. What do you think went wrong?

PETRA KVITOVA: I think was kind of an up-and-down match today. She came strong. I came strong in the second. The third was really a bad game which I played. I don’t know. I just felt that I’m really getting better, that I’m playing better. But in the specific moment in the third set, I just didn’t do the best. I was still believing I could turn it around. I had the chances to take few games. But, yeah, I missed some easy shots. I wasn’t that low as I wanted to be with her playing pretty flat shots. Was really tough to not be that ready as I wish.


Q. You played her last month. From her side, what do you think she was doing differently?

PETRA KVITOVA: I think I played better in Melbourne. That’s I think what was the difference. I think definitely I served much, much better in Melbourne than here. Whole tournament I was pretty fighting with my serve. Wasn’t really great. I played a lot from the second serve. In my game, obviously it’s not the best knowing that it’s more rallies. My serve just didn’t help me at all. I think, of course, that she was with the confidence here, as well. She won from the match points down yesterday, turned it around. I think everything was just on her side. I think still I have my chances, too. Didn’t turn it around.


Q. Three finals in six weeks. That’s not too bad, is it?

PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, it’s not bad.


Q. That sets you up nicely for the rest of the year.

PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, I’m already happy with my season so far. This is the second month of the year, and yeah, I’m pretty happy with that.


Q. I read the piece Courtney wrote about the conversation you had with her before the tournament. How do you feel having been through everything this week? Did it help or are you still feeling drained?

PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, I do remember our conversation. I wasn’t in a great mood, to be honest, at that time. I was very exhausted, tired, empty. I’m not sure. I do have like this trophy, it’s been weird. I didn’t really expect that. So for me it’s like the first place anyway. As I mentioned, tennis was kind of an escape from the other things which happening in my life. It’s been a bit difficult, to be honest, to handle everything. But I’m glad that I can still play tennis. This is big joy. We have to end up with a good mood question (smiling).


Q. Are you going to stick around a day or two?

PETRA KVITOVA: No, I’m leaving home. C’mon (laughter). No, I think 10 days, something like that. Actually, I didn’t really spend a lot of time at home, maybe week from the beginning of the year. It’s good, of course. I’m not complaining at all. But will be great to be a week home and seeing friends, do normal girly stuff maybe. I’m leaving tomorrow morning, yeah.


Q. Are you planning to leave the racquets and not pick them up again until you get to Indian Wells? Is there a practice court that you want to get onto at this point?

PETRA KVITOVA: I pick my racquets before Dubai few times, but I’m not sure if that really helped me. But we’ll see. Couple of days for sure I need to rest. My body is just falling apart.  I don’t know how I handle it today kind of on the good level. Definitely need to see a doctor back home. A few days’ rest will be important for my body, and for the mental side as well. Yeah, I need to do something

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