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February 19- March 4, 2023
Dubai Duty Free tennis stadium
February 19- March 4, 2023
Dubai Duty Free tennis stadium
February 15, 2016

Madison Brengle – Press Conference

2016 Women's Singles First Round: M. BRENGLE/E. Makarova 6-4, 7-5
stadium from stands

Q. How did you make such a great comeback in the second set? And you were also down in the first set.

MADISON BRENGLE: Well, I called my coach out when I was down 4-1, and she just basically said to just keep it simple and get your legs going again. That’s what was working well for me in the first. I was moving my legs well and I thought I maybe got a little too stiff to start the second. When I picked up my footwork, everything started working well again.


Q. Is that your mom?

MADISON BRENGLE: Julie? No, that’s Julie Coin. She finished playing end of last year, and as soon as she told me that she wanted to stop playing, the first question out of my mouth was, Do you want to come travel with me?

We are working together. It’s really good.


Q. Did your mom used to coach you?

MADISON BRENGLE: Yeah, until I was about 16. Then I moved to Florida.


Q. First time in the main draw here in Dubai?

MADISON BRENGLE: First time in Dubai. Yeah.


Q. What’s your impression like of the tournament and the conditions as well?

MADISON BRENGLE: It was a little windy today, but it’s a great tournament. The stadium court is beautiful. I got to hit on it the first time this morning. It’s nice. I like how everything is set up with the courts and the grass area to warm up. It’s really nice.


Q. You played her once before? Nine years ago or something? You beat her. Do you remember anything about that?

MADISON BRENGLE: You make me feel too old.


Q. Hey, I’m older. Don’t worry about it.

MADISON BRENGLE: I knew I played her somewhere in the U.S. on a challenger thing. It was ages ago and I don’t remember much. I think it was maybe an indoor tournament. I don’t remember.


Q. You have Petra next. How do you look at that match?

MADISON BRENGLE: Lefties. I played Kerber twice in Australia and I’m playing all the lefties.

She’s a very, very tough player and the serve, it’s tough. She hits the ball big. We played on the clay court last time so it’s different.

Yeah, I will do my best. I will try and keep my legs going with me the whole time.


Q. When you’re set up and you’re leading 6-5 and you call Julie, your coach, over, what’s the reasoning behind that?

MADISON BRENGLE: She had taken a medical timeout, so you’re allowed to have an additional one. Sometimes I think when you’re sitting for that long for the medical, you can maybe start to like overthink some stuff.

So maybe talking to her, just like getting, like getting it out of my brain and just being able to talk to somebody else, it can calm your nerves because that’s kind of a point you can maybe get some nerves in the match.

I felt very calm in the next game. It was good.


Q. Not to make you old again, but you remember, I’m sure, before you could bring your coach out on the court? You remember a time before you could bring the coach out?



Q. Talk a little bit about, just in general, that advantage.

MADISON BRENGLE: Well, we get it sometimes because like at the slams you don’t get to do it. Last tournament I played was a challenger. You don’t get to do it there. So when it’s available and I have somebody like my coach here, it’s nice.

You can kind of — you don’t maybe like get stuck in your own head so much and you have maybe — you have someone to snap you out of it if things aren’t going well. It’s good.


Q. Does it bother you at the slams when you don’t have that availability or it doesn’t matter?

MADISON BRENGLE: Doesn’t matter. It’s just nice if you have it. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it. It’s not the end of the world. I think we can get through it.


Q. Have you done anything fun here in Dubai? Gone to see anything?

MADISON BRENGLE: We went to the Dubai Mall. That was — yeah. As someone who loves to shop, that was cool. We went to see a movie there. It was fun.


Q. Did you get into shopping trouble?

MADISON BRENGLE: Not so bad yet. Like maybe we’ll go back. The movies were fun there.


Q. What movie?

MADISON BRENGLE: How to Be Single. It was like a fun one to see for Valentine’s Day.

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