Emirates Integra Medical and Surgery Centre is an extraordinary facility providing effective healthcare and generating outstanding patient outcomes using a holistic, multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach among some of the most innovative practitioners and doctors in the Gulf region.  With a vision of a healed world where all people live without limit, Emirates Integra has as its mission to be the centre of choice for integrative medicine that makes lasting differences in health, well-being, and vitality for people world-wide. We offer education, evaluation, intervention, and training for ourselves, our patients, and our peers; utilizing the best available tools, research, and treatments that result in significant, enduring, and transformative change in the lives of our clients. 


Emirates Integra is proud to be of service to, and in partnership with, the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships in 2018 as the 26th anniversary of this fabulous event occurs. Our phenomenal, diverse team of professionals provides sport and integrative medicine, chiropractic, physiotherapy, pain management, podiatric, nutrition, urgent care, fitness, and comprehensive wellness. And will bring whichever expertise is most needed to the Dubai Tennis Centre each of the days throughout the weeks of matches.


Emirates Integra is a proud member of the Emirates Healthcare, which, according to its parent company, is a progressive strength in the global healthcare industry. As a new breed of healthcare groups, backed by the strength of KBBO and NMC, Emirates Healthcare is breaking away from the conventional medical care mind-set to offer united and unique medical solutions. We are recognized by KBBO as an integrated, patient-friendly, set of facilities, providing a continuum of care laced through full-service hospitals, specialty clinics, urgent care, med-spas and pharmacy. This continuum also extends into research and education, delivered with both local and global partners.