Dubai Bone and Joint Center (DBAJ)

The Dubai Bone and Joint Center (DBAJ) is the first medical center that caters to the need for musculoskeletal treatment and research in the Middle East. Equipped with world-class specialists and excellent all-inclusive medical facilities, DBAJ gives patients suffering from bone and joint disorders, an opportunity to receive the most advanced musculoskeletal treatment and a chance to live a pain free life. The center has invested significantly by adding additional diagnostic equipment, including a 4D Ultra Sound to its well-equipped department of radiology. The Centre also has a dedicated department of general medicine ,chiropractic and pain management clinic.
Endeavoring to offer residents and expatriates in the Middle East with high quality treatment and the latest evidence-based and innovative medicinal procedures comparable to international healthcare standards, DBAJ is a committed associate of the government's efforts to develop Dubai into a 'Center of Medical Excellence' for the region.
The center addresses various conditions ranging from spinal conditions, pelvic and acetabular fractures, reconstructive surgery, and rheumatology, management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and annual health assessments. It also offers total joint arthroplasty, revision total joint arthroplasty, limb lengthening and limb deformity correction, infective non-union surgery, foot deformities, neuromuscular disorders and sports medicine, including Anatomic ACL reconstruction, Arthroscopic Shoulder Stabilization for dislocations, Arthroscopic cartilage restoration and repair, Elbow & Hip arthroscopy and treatments, Novel Non-operative Treatments for sporting injuries, Ultrasound guided non-operative treatments for sporting injuries.
The Centre was the first to offer a comprehensive range of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and was the first to do a total wrist replacement and small digit replacements in the UAE. The pain management clinic offers the latest techniques of addressing a variety of painful conditions including spinal, cervicogenic and post-operative pains.
Located in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), DBAJ reinforces DHCC's objective of creating an integrated regional center of excellence for medical services, medical education and life science research and development in the Middle East as well as enhancing its image as preferred global destination for quality healthcare.