Cetaphil Daylong™ – You have only one skin

As you know, being in the sun is great, it feels good, it makes people feel happy and relaxed, and it helps the skin produce vital vitamin D. But there are risks: It can burn, hurt, and damage, and long-term exposure can lead to skin conditions including premature skin aging and cancer.

Introducing Cetaphil Daylong™ – The science of feelgood sun protection

Cetaphil Daylong is a range of high-quality products offering reliable sun protection for diverse skin types and conditions. Developed and formulated by Galderma with unrivaled scientific and dermatological expertise, Cetaphil Daylong provides the ultimate in daily skin protection. Cetaphil Daylong offers all-around protection; it has advanced filters and innovative formulations which provide effective protection with nurturing ingredients for long-lasting skin care. Cetaphil Daylong products are easy to apply with a uniquely light, unscented, fast absorbing, non-sticky, and very water-resistant formula that leaves no white spots. Cetaphil Daylong is medically proven to protect skin cell DNA and help reduce the effects of sun-induced skin aging. Cetaphil Daylong provides optimal quality and exceptional protection to prevent sun damage and maintain fair, unblemished, healthy looking skin.

You have only one skin

The Cetaphil Daylong campaign concept is “You have only one skin.” Cetaphil Daylong helps maintain the skin’s youthfulness, glow, and health while users enjoy life outdoors and in the sun. Cetaphil Daylong takes a scientific view to protecting the user’s skin from the effects of the sun. With Cetaphil Daylong, they can be sure they are receiving a medical approach that combines optimal quality and exceptional protection.

How the sun affects skin

The sun affects our skin via ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation; both are damaging to skin. Protection against UVB/UVA is good, but Cetaphil Daylong takes a more medical approach to go one step further in providing protection from IR too.

Cetaphil Daylong™ – Providing a medical approach to sun protection

Consumers can enjoy an active life in the sun while making sure they can enjoy full sun protection with nurturing, medically proven Cetaphil Daylong. The protective effects of Cetaphil  Daylong’s advanced filters and innovative formulas go beyond regulatory requirements.  

Cetaphil Daylong™ – Protection and satisfaction

Cetaphil Daylong is formulated to provide exceptional protection and satisfaction, to be very well tolerated, great for children’s skin, and easy to apply. Thanks to the special ingredients in Cetaphil Daylong products, the skin doesn’t feel sticky when sunscreen is applied, and the sunscreen is quickly absorbed. Nurturing ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamin E also leave skin feeling good. The new Cetaphil Daylong product range offers high quality sun protection whatever the skin type needs. There’s even a specific range for kids’ sensitive skin.

Cetaphil Daylong provides advanced UV & IR defense, cell damage prevention, it fights signs of aging, and offers exceptional skin feeling. With Cetaphil Daylong, the science of feelgood sun protection is accessible for every skin.

Cetaphil Daylong products help make the sun safer than ever for users, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of sunshine while reducing the risks of skin damage. With Cetaphil Daylong, consumers receive a medically proven approach that combines optimal quality and exceptional protection.

You have only one skin – start your daily sun protection with Cetaphil Daylong!

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